New Products for the Imaging Industry

AcSelerate from FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc, Stamford, Conn, introduces a sophisticated flat-panel DR system, called the FDR AcSelerate, which aims to revolutionize the capabilities of flat panel detectors. The product uses amorphous selenium direct image capture technology to generate general radiographic images. Representing the company’s next-generation digital x-ray capture technology, the AcSelerate features the only direct detector for general radiography applications available today, according to Fujifilm. The company increased the thickness of the amorphous selenium layer, which brought about higher sensitivity and better conversion efficiency. The system’s x-ray component is a fully automated table and upright system with a lightweight ergonomic design. AcSelerate performs nearly any general radiology exam using fully automated features, which seeks to reduce physical stress and repetitive injury to technologists.

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Demron-M from Radiation Shield Technologies

Offering total radiation protection, Radiation Shield Technologies, Coral Gables, Fla, has introduced an array of Demron-M radiation-blocking medical garments. The materials are made from a radiopaque, nanopolymeric compound fused between fabric layers. These lightweight, cool, flexible garments look to replace traditional lead garments, which are dense, inflexible, and prone to cracking. The line is also environment-friendly, lead-free, and toxin-free, and may be washed, discarded, and recycled. The newly released products include the Demron-M Disposable mask, which is the first nonwoven, disposable x-ray mask with total radiation protection, and the Demron-M Forearm Shield, designed to provide protection without reducing mobility. Other products include the Demron-M Bra for breast brachytherapy patients and the Demron-M Drop-Off Flex Apron and Two-Piece Vest and Skirt.

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Canon CXDI-60G from Canon

The latest addition to the Canon USA family of DR systems succeeds the company’s popular CXDI-31, which was the first-ever portable cassette-type DR system, according to the company, based in Lake Success, NY. Now, the CXDI-60G Portable Flat Panel Detector is said to realize a new level of freedom and immediacy for diagnosis in the x-ray room and beyond. The product is thin, with a thickness of less than 1 inch, and lightweight, at 5.9 pounds. It is also described as offering true portability and flexibility, with an effective imaging area of 9 x 11 inches. This is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications, which include x-raying of hands, feet, elbows, and knees among the most common orthopedic applications. Other benefits involve low power consumption and a detachable sensor cable, which provides power to the unit and transfers data, as well as facilitates room-to-room installation from multiple locations.

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Efficast Masks from Orfit Industries America

Upon expansion of its North American operations, Orfit Industries America, Jericho, NY, strives to give hospital-based and freestanding cancer centers faster access to high-precision patient immobilization systems that use Efficast thermoplastic masks. Efficast head, neck, and shoulder masks are equipped with a unique, highly engineered thermoplastic anchored with multiple, independent fixation points. According to the company, this design allows for exceptional stability, reducing movement to less than 2 mm for improved treatment accuracy. Patient comfort is enhanced as a result of a silky, nonstick material. Because of the material’s thinness, along with its ability to soften at lower temperatures, the masks are easy to mold. During the molding process, the material contracts uniformly to avoid pressure points, while a special coating prevents the mask from adhering to the skin or hair. Additionally, they can remold in the event of a change in the contours of the patient’s anatomy.

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Image Processing from Barco

Belgium-based Barco recently demonstrated high-performance image-processing solutions at RSNA 2008. The company has expanded its GPU-based TDRS-7101 engine to suit a broad range of custom-built modality subsystems. For example, a high-performance 4D CT rendering platform is described generating high-quality representations of multislice CT data in near real time. Barco anticipates the rise of 4D imaging in cardiac and endoscopy markets. Other innovations on display were a “three-in-one” general purpose GPU platform that can perform image reconstruction and processing and visualization with speed and quality. The company also presented the latest version of its MICB-1340 Image Compression Board, specifically designed for network-based medical imaging applications. Installed in a server, it will reduce CPU load, reduce bandwidth, and improve image quality, leading to world-class medical applications even on light client devices over narrow bandwidth.

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LOGIQ P6 from GE

Combining performance and versatility, the LOGIQ P6 from United Kingdom-based GE Healthcare allows clinicians to meet the needs of patients across multiple clinical settings. The technology is equipped with advanced detail resolution and color flow, enabling physicians to distinguish between cystic and solid lesions, particularly in small areas like the thyroid, breast, and ovary. Premium capabilities are offered in a small footprint, with the system being portable and small enough for tight exam spaces. An articulating arm provides flexibility for viewing in all situations. The system also offers enhanced beamformer for deeper penetration, higher resolution, and better color flow sensitivity, as well as Speckle Reduction Imaging, for heightened visibility of organs and lesions with high-definition contrast resolution. Furthermore, it features CrossXBeam, real-time 4D imaging, DualBeam, and Harmonics.

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