Xelis-Colon from INFINITT North America

Introducing a new line of dedicated 3D visualization solutions using volume rendering and other postprocessing techniques for advanced viewing and diagnosis, INFINITT North America, of Phillipsburg, NJ, has released Xelis-Colon. Through the correlation of 2D and 3D images, the software is designed to improve the detection of colorectal polyps, and with its workflow and reporting tools, it aims to streamline radiologist productivity. The Xelis name is derived from the image element, as in pixel (2D) and voxel (3D), and “IS” for information systems. Virtual colonoscopy, also called CT colonography, can be used with any 16-slice CT. It uses endoluminal fly-through techniques that enable the radiologist and gastroenterologist to view the entire surface of the inside of the colon in a single, unfolded view. Xelis-Colon software features various review modes (2D and 3D), synchronized 2D-3D views, automatic segmentation, stool tagging, and measurement tools.

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UltraPREFETCH from UltraRAD

UltraRAD, of West Berlin, NJ, released a new automated prior image and study application called the UltraPREFETCH, which automatically retrieves studies from a remote PACS database directly to any workstation based on scheduled or immediate DICOM exams. The offering can receive scheduled information from an HL7 order or DICOM Modality Worklist, and it is able to poll a DICOM device to build a list of immediate studies for prefetch to single or multiple destinations. The UltraPREFETCH queries existing DICOM archives for prior studies based on custom criteria, such as patient ID, birth date, and name. The company’s “Smart Route” technology allows studies to move to any DICOM viewing station automatically. Further-more, the system can track previous routing and query each destination prior to routing to ensure that the correct number of series and images are at the correct route destination. The UltraPREFETCH Workflow engine can be configured to support multiple HL7 or DICOM environments. It is interoperable with multiple vendor networks, and it is fully integrated with UltraGATEWAY, UltraARCHIVE, and UltraBROKER.

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TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Device from Fluke Biomedical

Cleveland-based Fluke Biomedical, a division of Fluke Corp, announced the availability of a new x-ray maintenance, calibration, and quality assurance tool for service and radiation management professionals. The compact, wireless TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Device features simultaneous all-in-one exposure measurement, including half-value layer, and a choice of custom readout device or laptop communication with a dedicated ZigBee interface for fast and secure results display and archiving. According to the company, the TNT 12000 allows those responsible for the assessment and maintenance of x-ray imaging systems to carry out their tasks with flexibility and maximized productivity. Moreover, company reps say its ease-of-use is suited for a range of tasks from varying technical backgrounds, from the most complex analysis required by a physicist, to the quality analysis of a biomedical engineer, to the routine needs of a state or local inspector.

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Del Load Center from Del Global Technologies Corp

The Del Load Center (DLC), the first of a new generation of green products from Del Global Technologies Corp, Franklin Park, Ill, was recently released for the general imaging community. According to the company, the DLC unifies the power supply for an entire radiographic diagnostic x-ray suite by connecting all equipment to a single source of power. A wall-mounted control panel power activates the DLC with a key switch, and with the push of a button, power is supplied to the entire x-ray system. A “power on” light indicates whether the room’s equipment is on or off, and an emergency override shutoff switch is included as a safety feature. Efficient powering up and down of the room can be accomplished through strategic placement of the control panel near the entrance door. Moreover, powering down the entire room when not in use for extended periods of time can be achieved.

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CX-20 and CX-21 UV Viewing Cabinets from Spectronics Corp

With a guarantee for maximum ultraviolet irradiance and fluorescent contrast, Spectronics Corp, of Westbury, NY, debuted its Spectroline CX-20 and CX-21 high-intensity UV viewing cabinets. The cabinets combine separate long-wave and short-wave 8-watt UV light sources with uniquely designed specular aluminum reflectors, and are equipped with removable bottom panels. As a result, the products can be easily placed over large objects or, to provide greater illumination, over a Spectroline UV transilluminator. Made of vinyl-clad aluminum, the cabinets’ housings were designed for maximum durability, while the flexible, contoured viewing eyepiece has a UV-absorbing window for comfort and safety. The window also removes “blue haze” interference and increases contrast between the fluorescent area and the background. For easy entrance to its interior, soft rubber curtains are featured on both sides of the CX-20. The CX-21 boasts a hinged metal door at the front, for the convenience of using one hand to manipulate specimens.

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Phoenix DICOM Converter from Ashva Technologies

Ashva Technologies, based in India with US operations in Plymouth, Minn, has announced the availability of its Phoenix Windows-based multipurpose DICOM converter. The product has the ability to convert anything from non-DICOM images, JPG images, cine loops, scanned documents, and digitized films to DICOM format, after which it pushes the images to a PACS server. Eliminating paper, improving workflow, and providing easy access to important clinical documentation, Phoenix allows users to access critical data including referral notes and reports alongside DICOM images. Users may query information on existing patients from the DICOM server or the worklist server, and they can manipulate crop or de-skew images before sending them to a PACS server. The product lets the user write the converted DICOM images onto a CD/DVD with an embedded viewer. It connects any TWAIN compliant scanners directly to the system, and it interfaces with the VIDAR film digitizer to accept scanned films.

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