New Products for the Imaging Industry

Lung Imaging System from Deep Breeze

The VRIXP noninvasive pulmonary imaging system from Deep Breeze, Or-Akiva, Israel, has recently been granted 510(k) premarket clearance by the FDA. VRIXP records lung sounds from sensors applied to a patient’s back while they breathe; the system then uses an algorithm to convert this input into images. Changes in tissue composition and alteration in airflow can impact how sounds within the lungs vibrate, and subsequently how the VRIXP images appear on the system’s computer screen. The procedure can be accomplished in minutes and may be performed repeatedly for continuous monitoring, according to Deep Breeze. The company plans to launch the system in the United States this year.

New Radiation Oncology Offerings from Philips Medical Systems

New from Philips Medical Systems, Andover, Mass, are two products designed to increase workflow and operational efficiency in the Philips Pinnacle3 radiation treatment planning suite: the Pinnacle3 System 810 and Pinnacle3 Web Publishing. System 810 is custom-built for radiation oncology, significantly improving efficiency by running three to five times faster than previous platforms; it dramatically increases performance for even the most intensive treatment planning functions. System 810 is designed to run with Pinnacle3 Workstation version 8.0h, but is also available for earlier workstation versions. Also new from Philips are enhancements to the Pinnacle3 version 8.0h radiation oncology toolbox; now featuring the capabilities necessary for adaptive radiation therapy planning, the new toolbox is compatible with System 810 as well as older platforms, and incorporates enhancements such as a new bolus feature, a plan-locking feature, and more.

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New Thermoplastic Composites from GE

On July 27, GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass, launched a new line of thermoplastic materials with high specific gravity (HSG) that could replace lead in many health care applications that call for radiation shielding. The LNP Thermocomp line of radiation shielding compounds enables x-ray shielding without the use of known toxic substances, while providing greater design freedom and lower total part cost. The new compounds have been shown to shield radiation up to the effectiveness of lead without leakage or hot spots. They are based in tungsten in nylon 6, and can be made with enhanced stiffness, strength, and impact resistance for demanding injection-molding applications. Part-to-part consistency made possible by injection molding facilitates uniform shielding, and offers designers increased control over the amount of radiation filtered through their devices.

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Catheter for Diagnosis of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding from Cook

Cook Medical Inc, Bloomington, Ind, recently announced the release of its Goldstein SonoBiopsy Catheter for use in diagnosing the cause of abnormal uterine bleeding. The new device combines saline infusion sonohysterography with biopsy functionality to provide physicians with increased visibility during diagnostic ultrasound and the ability to biopsy endometrial tissue during the same procedure. The catheter allows physicians to fill the uterus with saline solution, enabling better echo-resonance of the uterine cavity during ultrasound imaging. If the physician determines an endometrial biopsy is required, they can apply suction to the catheter to aspirate a tissue sample for evaluation.

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Extravasation Detector Technology from MEDRAD

New from MEDRAD Inc, Warrendale, Pa, is a new extravasation detector technology for the Stellant CT Injection System. The XDS Extravasation Detector directly senses extravasation pooling under the skin during a CT scan using radiofrequency wave technology and a physical property known as permittivity. Employing this technology also enables the XDS system to minimize the false-positive detections that can interrupt workflow and inhibit productivity. When XDS detects the start of an extravasation under the patient’s skin, it automatically signals the Stellant to stop injecting until a clinician can examine the patient. Also new from MEDRAD are HandiSTRIPS, which are custom adhesive tape strips designed to aid with placing the catheter, tubing, and wires. HandiSTRIPS streamline setup and allow for proper palpation technique; they also improve sterility, reducing infection risk.

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Free Web-Based EMR from Glenwood Systems

Glenwood Systems, Waterbury, Conn, has released GlaceEMR 2.0, a free, Web-supported electronic medical record (EMR) supported by advertising revenue. The Glenwood EMR is CHHIT-certified and includes no charges, costs, or fees for licenses, software support, or upgrades. It automates the entire clinical workflow and streamlines tasks associated with patient encounters, as well as improves communications; GlaceEMR also offers decision support tools like preventive health reminders, points out potential drug interactions, and offers lab results at the point of care. It reduces paper and transcription costs, and automatically imports lab results and radiology images for attachment to a patient’s record. It can be downloaded for free at Glenwood Systems’ Web site.

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