New Products for the Imaging Industry

Clinical Display and Analysis Software from MedImage

MedImage Inc, Ann Arbor, Mich, has completed its CE Mark self-certification for its new DELTAmanager software, clearing the company to market the system worldwide. On display at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) to be held June 2–6 in Washington, DC, DELTAmanager allows physicians to read nuclear medicine and PET/CT studies remotely—from a laptop or a PACS workstation. A cost-efficient, workflow-improving remote-reading solution, the DELTAmanager software suite incorporates the company’s MedView platform, including fused PET/CT displays, DICOM export, SUV support for PET imaging, and DICOM CD generation. The package also offers a volume registration tool for fast and accurate alignment of data originating from multiple cameras and modalities, as well as optional programs, such as 4DM-SPECT Cardiac Analysis and NeuroQ PET Brain Analysis.

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PET VCAR and Other Advancements from GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, will introduce its next-generation volume PET/CT oncology application at SNM 2007. PET volume computer-assisted reading (VCAR) offers clinicians a tumor response “report card” for improved patient management. The company also will showcase its Discovery VCT 64-slice PET/CT system with SnapShot Pulse, which offers rapid cardiac imaging complete with both anatomical and physiological information for better diagnostic confidence when assessing coronary artery disease. Finally, the company will display its new PETtrace10, which is designed to provide customers with high PET radioisotope production capability and reliability; and the FASTlab multi-tracer cassette-based PET chemistry synthesis platform, which features an integrated cassette preloaded with pharmaceutical-grade reagents for faster synthesis and higher yields.

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CD/DVD Publishing Tools and Multimedia Imager from Codonics

At SNM 2007, Codonics Inc, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, will debut its multimedia solution for hospitals and imaging centers—a way to provide professional patient consultation tools to referring physicians in formats as varied as film, colored paper, grayscale paper, CD, and DVD. These media choices give a hospital department or imaging center the ability to cater to the preferences of referring physicians, offering a marketing tool as well as savings when using an alternative to film. Included in the solution are the Virtua Medical Disc Publisher (shown here) and the Horizon Multimedia Dry Imager, both of which offer referral copy solutions designed to ease the transition from analog to digital imaging. The Virtua produces full-color disc labels and adheres to all industry standards, including DICOM part 10, IHE PDI, and audit logs for HIPAA compliance; the Horizon combines the ability to print diagnostic images onto several sizes of film, color paper, and grayscale paper.

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PET/CT Pulmonary Toolkit and BrightView SPECT from Philips

Philips Medical Systems, Andover, Mass, will introduce at SNM 2007 its PET/CT Pulmonary Toolkit for respiratory correlated imaging, which uses advanced respiratory monitoring technologies to improve the diagnostic accuracy of PET/CT scans and to better integrate the diagnosis and treatment of oncology patients. Applied to PET data, respiratory correlated imaging improves the accuracy of PET attenuation correction and SUV calculations; in radiation oncology, correlation of PET and CT respiratory data results in more accurate representation of tumor size and shape, as well as improved assessment of tumor motion. The company also will showcase its BrightView SPECT system (shown here), a compact nuclear gamma camera offering high image quality in a scalable format for varying customer requirements. BrightView SPECT features a variable-angle camera developed using proprietary Philips Medical’s CloseUp technologies, enabling higher resolution through smarter software and minimizing distance between detector and patient. Equipped with an open gantry to better accommodate patients of different sizes, the system uses advanced robotics to run multiple acquisition protocols simultaneously.

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Treatment Planning Software from Initia-RT

Initia-RT, Tel Aviv, Israel, has received the CE Mark for its CrossPlan treatment planning software. CrossPlan is advanced software capable of planning intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), intensity modulated arc therapy, and 3D when used in conjunction with the company’s TrackLeaf cross-leaf micro multileaf collimator. With enhanced image fusion and graphic display functionality, along with support for angiographic imaging, CrossPlan is rounded out by a full DICOM RT suite, enabling fluent two-way communication with third-party visual simulation and planning applications. This allows the customer to use existing workstations and workflow in their environment to preplan the patient and export the data file to CrossPlan for final dose computation.

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Plaque Analysis Tools from TeraRecon

A new suite of plaque analysis tools from TeraRecon Inc, San Mateo, Calif, can be used to evaluate various parameters from CT and MR images of vascular structures, including coronary arteries. The AQPlaque suite of vascular analysis tools is designed for use with the Aquarius product family, and enables the user to characterize such parameters as the overall extent of wall remodeling, luminal encroachment, and the density distribution of CT values within the plaque. On the Aquarius Workstation, AQPlaque provides tools to delineate the vessel outer wall versus surrounding tissue and lumen; then, a set of intensity ranges can be defined to visually delineate different structures. On the AquariusNET thin client software platform, the analysis can be extended to production of a histogram of voxel values along the defined section of vessel. Luminal area and vessel cross-sectional dimensions can be reported for comparison with angiography and intravascular ultrasound.

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