Viztek Vizion Wirless01Viztek has announced record sales for its ViZion + Wireless DR panel, which first appeared on the market in November 2014. After more than 300 sales to date, the company has reported ongoing demand for the DR imaging system.

“The demand for the Viztek ViZion + Wireless DR panel affirms the company position as a leader in DR imaging, bringing solutions to market that address the needs of healthcare facilities to best care for their patients,” said Joe Cermin, president of Viztek. “The pace of sales has exceeded our own forecasts, and based on feedback we expect to see this continued demand for the foreseeable future.”

The unit includes a 14×7-inch wireless flat panel detector and comes equipped with a built-in router to enable wireless connectivity. Existing customers have cited the system’s image quality and user-friendly software, according to the company.

“Simply put, the Viztek ViZion + Wireless DR panel meets all our needs. It not only gives us top-quality images but the flexibility of the system enables us to readily image challenging or less mobile patients,” said Tom Yang, MD, partner and co-owner of Fastercare, based in Richardson, Tex. “The durability of the device also gives us added peace of mind in our investment.”

For more information, visit Viztek.

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