Konica Minolta has received FDA clearance for its AeroDR XE wireless DR panel, one of the lightest currently available on the market. Designed for use in ER/trauma room settings and intensive care and coronary care units, the AeroDR XE is suitable for reliable, high-capacity imaging.

“The new AeroDR XE is the smart, financially responsible choice for facilities with extreme, portable imaging environments,” said Guillermo Sander, digital radiography senior product manager, Konica Minolta Medical Imaging. “It’s simple, reliable and robust—allowing for fast, hard-working imaging when and where it’s needed.”

The panel weighs 5.7 pounds and offers a weight-to-load ratio of 661 pounds, as well as high bend and liquid resistance. A simple software interface combines ease of use with durability for extreme imaging environments.

“The AeroDR XE’s rugged design and reliability provide peace of mind, keeping healthcare providers productive in the most challenging environments. Plus, exceptionally quick access to images help boost clinical confidence, which is particularly important in critical care situations,” Sander said.

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