The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Okla, has ordered three Carestream DRX-Evolution DR rooms as part of a plan to gradually replace outdated technology. The hospital previously installed two DRX-Evolution systems and four DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray systems.

“We knew we were going to replace all the rooms, so we wanted to standardize on a single DR platform to expedite quality control and staff productivity,” said Manny Delgado, supervisor of radiology. The DRX-Evolution room is a digital radiography system featuring modular components that can be oriented to accommodate the workflow and space requirements of an individual facility. The DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray system offers a small footprint, wireless communication, and a simplified interface to achieve high image quality.

One previously installed DRX-Evolution room at the hospital is used for complex exams and includes an automated table, automated wall stand, and two DRX-1 detectors. The second DRX-Evolution, used for chest and extremity exams, is a single-detector system with a wall stand. “Both the hardware and the software offered by this system can help radiology departments enhance image quality, reduce dose, and maintain consistency across all rooms and users,” Delgado said.

The hospital chose the four DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray systems to provide digital imaging in the ER, surgical suite, critical care unit, and surgical intensive care unit. “The DRX-Revolution marries excellent image quality and maneuverability with improved visibility and ease of use. It addresses what every hospital needs for bedside exams,” Delgado said. He noted that Carestream’s reliability and service played an important role in the decision to purchase additional systems.

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