The University of Nebraska-Lincoln University Health Center has installed a wireless ImagePilot Aero DR solution from Konica Minolta. The placement was facilitated by CSI, a Konica Minolta distributor. The University Health Center serves 300 patients per day and offers on-site primary imaging radiology. The facility relies on several electronic systems, including an EHR and PACS as well as UNL’s student information system and bursars office.

“The most important reason for implementing the ImagePilot Aero is the ability for greater dose efficiency as compared to computed digital radiography,” said Christine Rindone, EHR manager and chief radiologic technologist at the University Health Center. “That is very important considering our primary patient demographics are young adults—our students.”

The ImagePilot Aero interfaces with both the PACS and EHR, as well as wireless tablets used by physicians and nurses to interact with patients. Using a lithium-ion capacitor, the system offers a charge and discharge life significantly longer than a lithium ion battery. The plate can be recharged within minutes, ensuring a rapid workflow.

“The speed of the system is most impressive and the images are available nearly instantaneously,” said Valerie Otto, radiologic technologist. “The quality and detail of the images are excellent, and that enables us to provide better patient care. Additionally, with the wireless panel we no longer have to move the patient as much with each exposure, as with CR, so it is a more comfortable exam for the patient.”

For more information, visit Konica Minolta.