By Karen Appold

Ysio MaxThe Ysio Max Digital Radiography System from Siemens Healthcare offers advances for multiple aspects of a technologist’s daily work. The unique innovation, which received FDA 510(k) clearance in February 2014, enables seamless radiography and fluoroscopy integration in one network. “The system is designed to optimize throughput with accuracy and minimize physical strain on staff,” said Viola Fernandes, radiography product manager, Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa.

“The system has two distinctive features: MAX assistance (software) acts as a personal intelligent assistant. MAX detection (hardware) applies intelligent innovation at every step of the image,” explained Fernandes.

MAX Assistance Features

MAXalign, a software feature, eliminates the need to guess the tube angle in free exams. “It displays the detector angle for the technologist, when the detector is behind the patient such as on a wheelchair or stretcher,” Fernandes said. “The technologist aligns the tube to the displayed angle, which helps ensure that the first shot is always right, minimizing grid cutoff and misalignment.” This saves valuable time while protecting patients from repeat exposures by avoiding the need for additional exams.

Another advantage is that the system is very patient-centric. “Technologists can actually do everything at the tableside and just step out to do the exposure,” said Fernandes. “The table can be lowered to 20 inches, making it easier to transfer patients with mobility challenges such as those in wheelchairs, for example.” In addition, automated features enable the system to perform exams quickly, reducing patient wait times.

The software offers the intuitive MAXtouch color touchscreen, which enables technologists to change all image parameters and adjust the examination order. It will automatically adapt all system components to new imaging parameters. MAXtouch also generates status messages, guiding the technologist and helping to increase safety by reducing the amount of time a patient spends alone in the treatment room.

Another innovation is the AimFAST feature, which ensures that the system always takes the fastest and safest way to the required position. “The tube moves simultaneously in six axes to the examination position,” Fernandes said. “It is no longer necessary to manually grab and move the tube around the patient.” The technology offers more than 1,000 user-defined, preset system positions for the table, Bucky wall stand, and free exams.

MAX Detection Features

According to Fernandes, “Wireless detection is the new trend customers are seeking in their radiography systems to consolidate systems and maximize system capability between different rooms.”

With MAX Detection, three different detectors enable flexible system configurations to fit the customer’s clinical and workflow needs. MAX wi-D’s comfortable handle and light weight make detector handling and positioning easier. At 14 by 17 inches and 6.6 pounds, it is the lightest detector with a handle on the market. “This makes it ideal for trauma, a busy emergency room, or even an outpatient environment,” noted Fernandes.

The new MAX Mini, a 10 by 12 inch wireless detector weighing 3.5 pounds, is designed for orthopedics, pediatrics, and trauma exams.

Another MAX detection feature is MAX Swap, which enables the sharing of detectors between different systems. The Ysio Max allows for up to four detectors configured on the system.

Advanced Clinical Applications

Siemens’ Ysio Max Digital Radiography System also offers SmartOrtho, an automated tilting technique for acquiring long leg and full spine imaging. It acquires up to four images to cover the selected region, automatically determining the number of exposures required and composing them to a single image on the syngo Fluorospot Compact workstation. It is available for the table and Bucky wall stand.

The Ysio Max System is compatible with Riverain Medical’s ClearRead Bone Suppression, which is an advanced image enhancement technology that automatically suppresses bones on digital chest x-rays to provide soft tissue clarity and lung nodule visibility.

Ultimately, Siemens’ Ysio Max Digital Radiography System provides a comprehensive set of tools that support and enhance clinical workflow throughout the radiology department. Its unique software and hardware features allow users to achieve the best possible image quality in the shortest amount of time.