CSH DRX Mobile RetrofitThe OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, a 616-bed teaching hospital in Peoria, Ill, has installed one Carestream DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray system and two DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kits to increase x-ray image access throughout the facility. All three systems are equipped with DRX-1C cesium iodide detectors and are used in the ER, OR, and for bedside inpatient exams.

“We are extremely pleased with the advanced features, exceptional image quality and ease of use offered by these systems,” said Juanita Reader, manager of Diagnostic Radiology In-Patient and Informatics at the hospital. “We have reduced our fleet of portable imaging systems by one third. Carestream’s DRX detectors can also be moved to another mobile imaging system. So if one of our existing portable systems goes down, we can move the detector to another unit.”

OSF staff perform 3,700 portable exams per month, 1,600 of which are for pediatric ICU patients requiring dedicated portable systems. “Our three Carestream detectors capture 85% of our remaining 2,100 monthly portable exams,” Reader said. “Use of the Carestream systems has reduced patient dose by 20 to 30% for many exams, and up to 50% for some exams.”

Carestream’s DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kits enable hospitals to upgrade existing CR-based portable units with wireless DR detectors to lower dose and improve productivity. “The retrofitted systems do not have the innovative features of the DRX-Revolution, but they are able to deliver comparable image quality, as well as improved visualization of tube and line placements and enhanced image quality for pediatric exams through use of Carestream’s specialized imaging software,” Reader added.