Carestream DRX-Ascend1Carestream has added a new ceiling-mounted tube option for its DRX-Ascend system. The feature is now available alongside existing mounting options, including a floor-mounted tube stand, wall stand, and elevating float-top table or non-elevating table.

“The DRX-Ascend delivers cost-effective, fully featured imaging that allows hospitals, imaging centers, orthopedic practices and urgent care clinics to select a configuration that satisfies their imaging workflow and budget,” said Heidi McIntosh, global marketing manager for x-ray solutions. “DRX-Ascend users and other healthcare providers are interested in a ceiling-mounted tube because it can deliver flexible patient positioning that helps technologists perform imaging exams in less time, which can lead to greater productivity.”

The DRX-Ascend is configurable with the DRX-1 and DRX-1C detectors, which both fit into the standard Bucky used in x-ray wall stands and tables. The system comes with several detector holders to enable technologists to perform cross-table lateral exams and other specialty views. Two or more detectors can be connected to maximize efficiency.

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