A new report from MD Buyline shows Carestream DRX Systems ranking highly among healthcare professionals in the Market Intelligence Briefing for the fourth quarter of 2013. Respondents evaluated systems on the basis of performance, reliability, installation and implementation, applications training, service response times, and service repair quality.

Carestream received high marks for image quality, patient dose, installation, and applications training. It was also the most highly ranked company for service response time and service repair quality. The report states that the company’s wireless DRX detectors are “the core products that live in portable, fixed and standalone X-ray units in a retrofit capacity or integrated with new systems.” In addition, many facilities choose to upgrade their current equipment with DRX detectors “one by one as their budgets allow.”

“Our expanding family of DRX-based diagnostic imaging systems continues to exceed the patient care requirements of medical imaging services providers and the independent evaluations from MD Buyline are further proof of that,” said Doug Spotts, general manager of US and Canada medical sales for Carestream Health. “Equally important is the fact that this customer feedback also validates our expertise in critical areas such as installation, service and total customer support.”

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