The CARESTREAM Lux 35 Detector, a lightweight, glass-free wireless detector ergonomically designed with the comfort of patients and radiographers in mind, has earned the 2022 Frost & Sullivan Global New Product Innovation Award in the digital radiography detector industry. Frost & Sullivan noted that the Lux 35 Detector “encompasses all of the attractive features of different digital radiography (DR) detectors in a single solution, making it the industry’s best DR detector.”

“The Frost & Sullivan Award is another validation of our research and development team’s continued success at developing solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technology to improve radiology workflow and enhance patient care,” said Dharmendu Damany, Chief Technology Officer at Carestream. “With our first cesium iodide, glass-free Lux 35 Detector for the medical space, we provide a solution that is lightweight and provides superb resolution and better detail, and a reduced exposure as compared with gadolinium detectors.”

Weighing just around 5 pounds—including the battery—the sleek 14” x 17” (35 cm x 43 cm) Lux 35 Detector (see video) with its glass-free sensor is Carestream’s lightest detector to date. The lighter weight makes it easier for radiographers to transport while making rounds and performing bedside exams. Also, the Lux 35 Detector has additional ergonomic features that reduce stress and fatigue for radiographers, allow for easier positioning, and make the exam process more comfortable for patients.

“Carestream excels at understanding imaging workflow and delivering solutions that ease the workload of radiology staff and make the image capture process more comfortable for patients,” said Anastasios Strouzos, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at Carestream. “This capability, along with our expertise in delivering superb image quality for unrivaled diagnostic confidence, strengthens our position as a trusted worldwide leader in digital X-ray imaging.”

The Lux 35 Detector supports a variety of image-processing options to assist radiologists, including Tube and Line Visualization, Pneumothorax Visualization, EVP Plus, Bone Suppression and many more. It uses Carestream’s ImageView Software powered by Eclipse for high image quality and also features the X-Factor, so the detector can be shared with other compatible DRX equipment. Additionally, the Lux 35 Detector battery is backwards compatible—it works with DRX Plus Detectors and uses the same battery charger.

Carestream was the first to introduce to the market a wireless cassette-sized detector and continues to lead the way in technology innovation by designing products and solutions that help alleviate customer pain points and help make their radiology workflow easier.

“Frost & Sullivan applauds Carestream’s commitment to customer prioritization that has successfully culminated in efficient product delivery,” said Ojaswi Rana, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, which applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate each nominee for its awards.

In its analysis, Frost & Sullivan also noted that Carestream’s customer-centric philosophy permeates its daily practices. For example, Carestream’s eXceed Program ensures commitment from every employee to provide the best customer experience. The company works closely with clients, establishing long-term relationships by assessing their needs, developing solutions with roadmaps for seamless execution.

[Source: Carestream Health]