Ziosoft Inc of Redwood City, Calif., has received 510(k) clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration to market its magnetic resonance cardiac function analysis application for use with the Ziostation® thin-client system.

Used by physicians to evaluate the structures and function of the heart in the initial screening and subsequent management of coronary disease patients, Ziosoft’s MR cardiac function application enables physicians to extract left ventricle myocardial contours from Ziosoft’s automatic interpolation algorithm to obtain accurate results.

The Ziosoft application generates standard functional assessment calculations such as ejection fraction, peak filling rate (PFR) and peak ejection rate (PER), as well as automatic calculation of myocardial mass. It also has the ability to display different sequences in one view, permitting clinicians to scroll between sequences and positions simultaneously.

"Ziosoft is proud to offer a cardiac MR functional module which provides physicians with another option for assessing cardiac function, "said Mark Koeniguer, Ziosoft’s chief operating officer. "This latest application offers significant enhancements to our cardiac offering and provides physicians with state of the art tools to improve patient outcomes."