Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc of Tustin, Calif., has introduced Precision Imaging technology, which is now available on the AplioTMXG ultrasound system.

According to the company, the technology acquires ultrasound images of enhanced clarity and resolution, and it allows users to see even more clinical detail.

Precision Imaging is a multi-resolution signal processing technology, evaluating images line-by-line. Unlike traditional ultrasound systems, it also includes information from adjacent lines to enhance the amount of information obtained. As a result, the technology is said to provide more detail and minimize noise and clutter.

“Precision Imaging software shows greater definition of structures and reduces noise to produce high quality ultrasound images,” said Edward G. Grant, M.D., professor and chairman of radiology, USC Medical School, who evaluated the new technology throughout the past two months. “Compared to other ultrasound imaging technologies, Precision Imaging shows better contrast and delineation of lesions, vessels and other objects. It enhances our capability to evaluate difficult to image areas and improves diagnoses.”

Ideally suited for head-to-toe scanning, Precision Imaging looks to improve the ability to show subtle tissue differences and image small structures better than conventional imaging. Furthermore, it is useful for imaging breast lesions, superficial regions, small parts, the abdomen, spleen, liver and thyroid.

Precision Imaging is available on the Toshiba Aplio XG, with shipments beginning this month.