Modulares syngo.plaza als Lösung für die Radiologie – auch klinikübergreifend / Modular syngo.plaza as a comprehensive solution – even for enterprise radiologyLaunching at RSNA 2015, the new version VB20 of Siemens Healthcare’s syngo.plaza offers reading and reporting, viewing, and archiving modules for full entrepreneurial flexibility.

The new user interface was designed to improve intuitive reading due to reduction to essential descriptive elements, and is equipped with a calmer button style and cleaner navigation tool area. Moreover, an optimized color scheme fosters a clear focus on relevant image information. Resolution independent user-interface scaling leads to an increased ease of use, as all navigation elements are automatically scaled equally to provide an intuitive handling and a stabilized image area. Comparing images within one study as well as with previous examinations becomes less difficult with syngo.plaza offering the new features of series synchronization and synchronize zoom.

As a deployment option of syngo.plaza, which enables the everyday routine reading of 3D images, syngo.plaza 3D+ now also includes Siemens’ automatic landmarking and parsing of human anatomy (ALPHA) technology of syngo.via³  featuring AutoViews and Anatomical Range Presets. These features speed up the imaging workflow by automating and standardizing 3D reconstructions and views, in addition to improving consistency in image reconstruction and presentation.

The update also offers dedicated archiving solutions as well as syngo.share³ for radiological vendor-neutral DICOM archiving up to enterprise-wide multimedia VNA solutions, which allow consolidating the archiving of all data from clinical and radiological departments into one central repository. The highly scalable, modular PACS solution connects, integrates, and manages the needs of reading and reporting, viewing, and archiving components.