Uterine Fibroid Device

BioSphere Medical Inc, Rockland, Mass, has received FDA clearance for its Embosphere Microspheres, for use in treating symptomatic uterine fibroids with uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). These products are round, hydrophilic beads made of an acrylic co-polymer. The surface of the beads prevents clumping within the catheter and the blood vessels, promoting ease and accuracy of delivery in UFE. Both the Embosphere and EmboGold Microspheres spherical embolics are widely used for many indications, from brain tumors to liver tumors and represent the latest technology in embolotherapy for tumor management. (800) 394-0295; www.biospheremed.com .

Mammographic Test Device

Gammex RMI?, Middleton, Wis, introduces the Gammex 150K Mammographic Density Control Function Test Tool. This product allows quick assessment of a mammography unit’s automatic exposure control accuracy, and is designed to make up to 11 exposures on a single piece of film, reducing film costs and processing time. The 150K consists of two pieces: a base plate with an engraved density scale and a sliding exposure plate that contains a small window. By sliding the exposure plate, the same mammography cassette and film can be exposed at each of the 11 steps: zero, +1 to +5 and -1 to -5. (800) 426-6391; www.gammex.com .

Video Display Module

Barco, Kortrijk, Belgium, introduces the MIVD 1218, a new 18-in grayscale LCD flat panel display module for interventional radiology. The 1218 offers a plug and play replacement for legacy and current CRT displays in x-ray control and operating rooms. The 1 MP display module’s high brightness (>500 Cd/m2), ergonomics, and artifact-free images make the MIVD 1218 a perfect solution for this application. The product offers accurate signal conversion, a wide range of interfacing options, and a compact, space-saving design. It also offers a form-fit function replacement for the monochrome CRT displays currently used on all major modality x-ray systems. (678) 475-8000; www.barcomedical.com .

High-Performance DDR

Swissray, Elmsford, NY, offers ddRModulaire Plus, which offers all the performance features of other Swissray ddR systems, plus the ability to do off-detector image acquisition. A rotational tube head, coupled with the SwissVision modality workstation’s multimedia image management capability, allows maximum procedure flexibility, making it ideal for the emergency department. (360) 793-1031; www.swissray.com .

Medical LCD

Quest International Inc, Irvine, Calif, offers the Totoku MD Series 5000F. The MD5000F is a 5 MP, 21.3-inch grayscale medical LCD and provides a native resolution of 2560×2048 or 2048×2560, viewable in both portrait or landscape orientation. The MD5000F is a fully digital design providing images in either a single or dual head configuration. The MD5000F features a luminance and gamma curve correction capability. This 5 MP LCD is ideally suited for PACS images, teleradiology, as well as thoracic x-ray and CR displays. (800) 231-6777; www.questinc.com .

3-D Fetal Imaging

Cedara Software Corp, Toronto, introduces the Baby Explorer” application, a product that adds 3-D fetal imaging to any existing ultrasound system. This software-only solution lets busy sonographers rapidly generate fetal views for expectant parents during scheduled ultrasound examinations, months before a baby’s arrival. Features include easy acquisition controls, fast 3-D segmentation and clipping tools, built-in animation and multimedia export capabilities, and the ability to print in a variety of formats on standard printers. (800) 724-5970; www.cedara.com .