May 9, 2007—On Monday 27 women of screening age received a free mammogram at PS 149 Sojourner Truth School in the Harlem area of New York. The mammograms were performed by the American-Italian Cancer Foundation (AICF), New York, and funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), Frisco, Tex, and Fujifilm Medical Systems USA Inc, Stamford, Conn.

“It is critical that all women have the opportunity to participate in preventive health care, such as breast cancer screening,” said LeShawn Hodge, parent coordinator at PS 149. “We recognize the importance of early detection and were delighted to be able to give to mothers and grandmothers of our students, as well as women throughout the neighborhood—women who otherwise may never get screened—the opportunity to receive a service that could potentially save their lives.”

The free mammography day was an extension of Fujifilm’s Images of Health: Mammograms for a Million Moms campaign, which was launched in October 2006 to raise awareness of the importance of early breast cancer detection.

“We are excited to bring the Images of Health campaign to the next level by taking action and providing women with free mammograms,” said Randy Nagel, director of corporate communications for Fujifilm. “The campaign has been a tremendous success to date in raising awareness of the importance of early detection. We look forward to continuing our efforts to motivate women to take better care of their health and to help provide the means for them to do so.”

—Cat Vasko