Ultrasound manufacturer SonoSite, Inc, Bothell, Wash, and web-based ultrasound image management provider, UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions, Inc., New York, have announced a new distribution agreement.

The new relationship will give SonoSite the exclusive right to market UltraLinq’s web-based ultrasound image management service to the Emergency Medical sector. In addition, SonoSite will be able to market UltraLinq to other medical specialties, but not exclusively.

SonoSite is noted for its portable, point-of-care ultrasound devices designed for the emergency room and other mobile practice settings. UltraLinq is a secure web-based image management solution that allows clinicians to review, report, archive, manage, and distribute ultrasound, as well as other medical imaging modalities.

UltraLinq’s CEO, Stephen Farber, said in the press release, “Recent technological advances have dramatically improved the capabilities and clinical flexibility of point-of-care ultrasound, bringing diagnostic imaging directly to the patient’s bedside and other environments where ultrasound was not previously possible. UltraLinq facilitates the ability to access records from any location, whether in the next room or across the globe.”

David Willis, SonoSite’s vice president of competitive strategy and innovation, added, “UltraLinq offers physicians the tools they need to effectively manage patient reports, including the ability to review images and data remotely, collaborate on exams, credential, and bill for studies. By incorporating UltraLinq to address documentation and compliance issues, we also believe that physicians will be able to operate in compliance with HIPAA regulations more effectively.”

Visit www.sonosite.com or www.UltraLinq.com for more information.

(Source: Press Release)