Two radiologists yesterday launched the Blinded Reader and Investigator Training Institute (BRITI) to facilitate training for medical imaging in clinical trials.

According to founders Kohkan Shamsi, MD, PhD, and Richard Patt, MD, there has been an exploding market for medical imaging in clinical trials, increasingly used as a surrogate marker of drug and device efficacy.

BRITI will offer formalized training and testing modules on a variety of medical imaging topics, including introductory lectures on clinical development, blinded reading process, and various evaluation criteria. Available online or locally, individually or in groups, each training module examines a particular topic in detail, and is followed by an examination. The institute tracks training parameters on each participant and hands over a certification of completion of specific curricula.  

The training modules will be marketed toward radiologist and cardiologist blinded readers, oncologist and other clinical panel evaluators, and technologists responsible for imaging protocols, among others.