Purview launched its medical image storage and sharing platform. The cloud-based platform gives patients greater control over their medical records and can reduce health care costs.

Some patients still receive medical images on a disc or on film. Purview modernizes this process for the Mobile era by providing a simple and secure online portal for medical images, accessible by both patients and providers.

Any medical image can be directly uploaded to Purview’s secure cloud. Patients and providers then have direct access to those images online or from a mobile device. From there, they can access, review, manage, share, manipulate, or collaborate over images in real time.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced health care costs: Access to images reduces the need to perform duplicate procedures. Providers no longer have overhead costs of physical storage or image production.
  • Storage and sharing independent of proprietary platforms: Patients have complete access to their medical images regardless of where they were created. Access is not funneled strictly through medical practices.