Properly imaging children presents a number of challenges, chief among them is delivering the appropriate radiation dose.

The University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Ann Arbor, Mich., recently solved this problem when it installed a Shimadzu MobileDaRt Evolution with CXDI-60 C, a digital mobile x-ray system that allows verification of images three seconds after they are obtained. The new Evolution unit joins 12 Shimadzu MobileDaRt DR systems that are currently in operation throughout the hospital. The new system replaced a retrofitted AMX4.

The Evolution is available with either a compact 9 inch by 11 inch flat panel detector or a large field-of-view 14 inch by 17 inch flat panel detector on a single system. Mott’s Evolution includes the compact 9 inch by 11 inch low dose cesium iodide flat panel detector, which is particularly useful in imaging newborns and infants.

Among the Evolution’s other features are light-touch, natural maneuvering; Shimadzu’s patented “inch-mover”; keyless entry; and wireless networking.


(Source: Press Release)