Efficient workflow is a constant demand in today’s health care enterprise. Siemens Healthcare is answering this in the cardiology suite with the release of an upgrade to its ACUSON SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system.

The 1.5 release includes a number of new workflow solutions. Key to making the ACUSON increasingly efficient is the eSie Measure Workflow Acceleration package, which provides fully automated measurement for routine echo exams. The eSieScan workflow protocols are fully customizable and dramatically reduce the number of keystrokes needed during the imaging process, according to the company.

The ACUSON SC2000 now features a 5 MHz transesophageal probe, which is interchangeable with other Siemens ultrasound platforms, ensuring maximum return on investment.

The upgrade also includes improved diagnostic confidence thanks to the transmit technology pioneered in the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system. IN Focus coherent imaging enables the user to focus on the entire field of view instead of a single focal zone.

The upgraded system is suitable for pediatric, neonatal, vascular, and OR environments.


(Source: Press Release)