data_binary_code_2 - usedEpic is one of the biggest players in the electronic health records (EHR) space nationwide. In fact, Epic was the most commonly used EHR among eligible professionals participating in Meaningful Use. For a corporation that shuns many traditional marketing efforts, that’s pretty impressive. Learn more about Epic’s culture and capabilities in this profile piece in Becker’s Hospital Review.

When you walk onto Epic Systems’ Verona, Wis.-based campus, you’re guaranteed to see one thing: people wearing clothes. “Our dress code is when there are visitors, you must wear clothes,” says Epic Founder and CEO Judy Faulkner.

In an exclusive interview with Becker’s Hospital Review, Ms. Faulkner pointed to this dress code as something readers might find surprising about Epic’s culture. “As long as there’s nothing objectionable, everything’s fine.”

The rule seems simple for the biggest name in the health IT world. Epic has made a name for itself for a number of reasons, and ironically, one of those reasons is that it never tried to make a name for itself.

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