networking_connect_1 - usedMach7 Technologies has released the latest version of its Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform, which now includes several enhancements and introduces new functionality to improve end-user satisfaction and simplify image management, access, and sharing across healthcare organizations.

This release is the culmination of collaborative design partnerships with key customers and industry leaders, including Sentara Healthcare, Radiology and Imaging Specialists, and the University of Pennsylvania Health System. “A hallmark of Mach7’s culture is collaborative development with partners who bring real-world experience to the table including M&A challenges, interoperability, workflow, and storage requirements,” said Eric Rice, Mach7 Technologies’ chief technology officer.

“We worked closely with Mach7 on the definition of key functionality in Release 11.7 and we feel it offers the most advanced and intuitive image management platform in the market,” said Trent Conwell, IT director, Sentara Healthcare.

Features include a user-configurable enterprise-wide universal worklist with intelligent exam assignment, load balancing, and priority visibility for exams of interest; an enhanced image lifecycle management tool for all clinical artifacts to control storage growth and liabilities; advanced image sharing supporting all non-resident studies; expanded image viewing support for both rich clients and web clients; and real-time image migration and monitoring with intelligent data cleansing.

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