Logical Images, Rochester, N.Y., announced that  it has donated the Visual Dx to the Siloam Family Health Center for its Nashville clinic, which serves a community of more than 8,000 uninsured patients, a majority of whom are refugees and immigrants.


The Web-based visual decision support system provides clinicians with access to the specialist knowledge needed to diagnose patients quickly and accurately and, where appropriate, avoid referrals to specialists.


VisualDx merges medical images with clinical information to build a differential diagnosis using problem-oriented search criteria. According to Logical Images, it improves diagnostic accuracy by 120%. Its arsenal of more than 17,000 medical images presents diseases in variation of severity, skin type, age, and passage of time, covering more than 900 diseases, 250 of which are infectious. It also has the largest collection of images of darker-skinned individuals, including black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, and Native American skin types.


The Siloam Family Health Center is a faith-based, volunteer-driven primary health care clinic committed to caring for an uninsured, underserved, and indigent population.