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Asset-Management Book from DF Blumberg & Associates

Written to help maximize the value of materials throughout the product life cycle, Introduction to Management of Reverse Logistics and Closed Loop Supply Chain Processes is now available from DF Blumberg & Associates Inc (Fort Washington, Pa) and CRC Press LLC (Boca Raton, Fla). Authored by the company’s late founder, Donald F. Blumberg, the nearly 300-page book features an overview of reverse logistics and closed loop supply chain concepts; a strategic view of business opportunities from a marketing, economical, and financial viewpoint; a how-to guide for benchmarking data and forecasting parameters for consumer goods; a discussion of key challenges, issues, and trends, along with the operational processes for dealing with them; and more.

Web: ? www.dfba.com
Phone: (215) 643-9060

Image Acquisition and Processing Board from Coreco Imaging

Coreco Imaging Inc (St Laurent, Quebec) has released the Anaconda, a flexible and programmable image acquisition and processing board for real-time image acquisition, processing, and analysis. PCI-X compliant, the Anaconda is ideal for diagnostic X-ray, flat-panel display, and other embedded vision applications where large amounts of image processing is required. Features include autonomous program execution, a PowerPC-based embedded-pattern search engine, camera interface technology, and Coreco’s trigger-to-image reliability framework.

Web: ? www.imaging.com
Phone: (514) 333-1301

Point-of-Care Computer Cart from Ergotron

Designed to bring mobile, easily adjustable data entry to the point of care for healthcare workers, the StyleView Cart computer workstation is available from Ergotron Inc (St Paul, Minn). Ergonomically designed, the cart features Constant Force lift technology that converts a conventional spring’s linear force curve into a constant flat force through the entire range of lifting motion. The technology allows users to adjust the workstation 20 inches straight up and down. Available in flat-panel, laptop, or tablet PC versions, the StyleView has an 18-inch caster footprint and can hold a monitor weighing up to 25 lbs.

Web: ? styleview.ergotron.com
Phone: (800) 888-8458

Illuminated Light Box from Everbrite Lighting Technologies

The MedLux Graphic Panel Illuminator (GPI) from Everbrite Lighting Technologies (ELT of Milwaukee) is an illuminated light box that incorporates light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Benefits of LEDs include more than 10 years (100,000 hours) of continuous use, no noise, and directionality that can be controlled with high accuracy. The MedLux GPI replaces standard 2- x 2-ft acoustical ceiling tiles to illuminate patient-comforting graphics.

Web: ? www.everbrite.com
Phone: (800) 707-3837

Clinical Data Repository from MedcomSoft

In an effort to change the way clinical data and electronic health records (EHRs) are aggregated, stored, and mined, MedcomSoft Inc (Toronto) has released the MedcomSoft Clinical Data Repository (MCDR). The system allows advanced data mining based on any combination of clinical data entries, including examinations, test results, and outcomes. The MCDR is able to aggregate health records independently from each provider system as well as serve back the aggregated health record to those providers with the appropriate security and privacy clearance.

Web: ? www.medcomsoft.com
Phone: (416) 443-8788

Electronic Patient Data Software from MEDecision

MEDecision Inc (Wayne, Pa) now offers the Patient Clinical Summary (PCS) system, which electronically delivers patient information available from a health plan to physicians when and where the patient is being treated. The system provides a common patient view that includes a patient’s historical and current medical data from physicians, labs, pharmacies, and other provider organizations that have been paid for by the patient’s health plan. The PCS is one of the first EHRs generated for treating physicians and created by a health plan or other payor organization.

Web: ? www.medecision.com
Phone: (610) 540-0202