Intelerad Medical Systems, Montreal, announced that it had received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which will allow the PET/CT fusion functionality to be sold and fully integrated within its signature IntelePACS solution.

The inclusion of the module allows users to have a fully integrated PACS with PET/CT functionality rather than a stand-alone workstation.

Anibal Jodorcovsky, Intelerad’s executive vice president of quality systems said in the press release, “For our PET/CT Image Fusion module, we followed the same stringent quality guidelines that are applied to all of our products. A thorough verification and validation cycle was conducted with validation received from actual users.”

The PET/CT Image Fusion module is integrated within the InteleViewerTM viewing software, which gives radiologists the flexibility of viewing fused images from any IntelePACS® workstation and eliminates the need for expensive, dedicated PET/CT or SPECT/CT systems.

The package’s fusion and advanced visualization technology will allow clinicians to view images using variable opacity, independent color maps, multiplanar Reformatting (MPR), and Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP). They also have access to specific PET/CT statistics such as Standard Uptake Values (SUVs) and volume measurements.

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