computers_connect_1 - usedAt this year’s RSNA, Intelemage will release InteleGRID v4.1, its cross-enterprise image sharing, telehealth and advanced workflow platform, with a new highly configurable workflow engine, advanced mobile video capabilities, and more.

Currently, the InteleGRID is approved and operational in close to 5,000 locations worldwide, securely exchanging medical images and clinical data between disparate healthcare institutions, life science companies, physicians, and patients.  The highly configurable platform provides a single solution for all stakeholders in the healthcare sector to manage their day-to-day clinical operations including radiology image sharing, second opinions, tumor board image management, telehealth video consults, and much more. Based upon the configured initiative, users can exchange data using a wide range of methods including PACS integration, secure web uploads, HL7 interfaces, secure photography, and live video.

“Additionally, healthcare organizations have historically been forced to pay high professional service fees and wait long amounts of time in order to get basic workflow changes implemented,” said Jason Wickes, vice president of hospital solutions for Intelemage.  “The InteleGRID v4.1 puts all of that power in the hands of its users so that changes to current initiatives, as well as the implementation of new initiatives, can be done at a much lower cost and in the most efficient manner possible.”

New in InteleGRID v4.1 is an advanced app for mobile devices.  The technology supports secure, real-time multi-site video streaming anytime and anywhere, while also securely sharing DICOM and non-DICOM images and clinical data.  Secure photos can be captured, encrypted and securely transmitted without ever residing on the mobile device itself, providing an extra level of safety, security, and compliance.

“The InteleGRID is a tool that should be in every healthcare organization’s toolbox, regardless of other systems and solutions that are already in place,” said Wickes. ”A platform that allows you to immediately launch a new image sharing or telehealth initiative, on your terms, is something that the industry desperately needs.”

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