tech computer phone usedDICOM Grid has published a free eBook titled The New World of Unified Image Management.

Available for downloading at, the book is designed for an audience of medical facility-based IT professionals and people who make healthcare facility digital asset purchasing decisions.

As a complete guide to imaging in the enterprise, the eBook gives readers an overview of the current state of medical image management, identifies problems with the IT solutions that are widely used today and provides an overview of how to create a seamless content management system across the enterprise. It includes two brief case studies to demonstrate how a cloud-based medical imaging management solution can make a difference in busy hospital environments.

The eBook also explains how enterprises can overcome cost, accessibility and interoperability challenges to more effectively manage images.

“Healthcare reformers have embedded incentives in policies to drive hospitals and other medical services providers toward greater adoption of technology,” said Morris Panner, chief executive of DICOM Grid. “A cloud-based imaging solution that gives more providers faster access to images enables care teams to coordinate treatment efficiently and gives clinicians the information they need to make better decisions. That’s why we believe the future of interoperable medical imaging is in the cloud.”