April 24, 2007—Center for Diagnostic Imaging Inc (CDI), Minneapolis, announced today it has signed an agreement with Medicalis Corp, Kitchener, Ontario, under which Medicalis will provide its national network of medical imaging providers with radiology decision support and facilitated management of radiology pre-authorization programs.

“With Medicalis integrated into CDI’s scheduling and information systems, referring clinicians can take care of the requirements related to any patient’s medical imaging procedure in just one contact to CDI—including the ordering and scheduling of the exam, as well as any required pre-notification or pre-authorization process,” said Steve Fischer, CIO of CDI. “The result is assured, optimal care for the patient, and less hassle for the referring physician’s office.”

CDI’s services are available in 13 cities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Washington and Florida.

—Cat Vasko