By Elaine Sanchez Wilson

Axis Imaging News asked several experts about what advice they would give to other providers as they embark on the process of choosing a vendor and a VNA solution for their healthcare organization. Here are some of the key tips:

  •  Understand the major goals of your organization and what the people in your healthcare organization are looking for in a solution.
  •  Make sure you have an internal champion; someone who is driving the selection process.
  •  Choose a vendor you trust, has solid experience in this arena, and a track record for development and staying on the cutting edge.
  •  Communicate your goals as well as comprehensive information about your existing technology systems to your vendor so they can offer the best possible solution.
  •  Look for a vendor that adheres to existing standards, so that you avoid problems with proprietary data.
  •  Verify that the solution is open based; easy to scale, upgrade and integrate.
  •  Evaluate the hardware component in conjunction with the software component and workflow engine.