The Medipattern Corp.

The Medipattern Corp, Toronto, Ontario, brings to market the B-Cad 1.2.1, a computer-aided detection system for breast ultrasound imaging. Ideal for facilities already equipped with PACS as well as newcomers to the PACS environment, the B-Cad 1.2.1 offers flexible solutions for a variety of users, from small clinics to large-scale medical centers.

The customizable system is capable of automatically locating the best segmentation of a lesion; characterizing it for size, shape, and orientation; and assigning a BI-RAD score. After creating a detailed, natural language report for the radiologist, it gives the user the opportunity to edit and use it as a final report.

Facilities that have invested in a large number of workstations have the option for a software format that would load B-Cad 1.2.1 onto existing equipment.

The Spec Sheet

  1. DICOM-network-ready computer
  2. BI-RAD calculator
  3. Turnkey solution including PC with 15 in monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  4. PC Windows XP operating system
  5. Software that can be loaded onto a PC at the facility
  6. Option for Sectra Plug-IN module that works from within the viewing application
  7. Option for Cedara C4 Plug-IN module that works from within the viewing application

The Visible Difference

Through its automated features, the B-Cad 1.2.1 helps radiologists save time, and it eases workflow. Additionally, it eliminates the need for users to dictate a separate report; all the details of the BI-RAD reading are mechanically put into a report. Therefore, transcription costs are reduced, and consistency among a group of different readers is improved. Its manufacturer, Medipattern, bills itself as the first and only company to cross the modality boundary, creating FDA-approved CAD products for breast ultrasound imaging and breast MRI from the same algorithm platform technology.