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Xper System Release from Philips

The latest Xper system release from Philips Medical Systems is an Xper table, optimized for hybrid procedures involving both interventionalists and cardiothoracic surgeons. The dedicated cardiovascular table with a free-floating, radio-translucent carbon fiber tabletop allows the physician to reach the left-hand side of the patient, thereby making it easier to insert the catheter. With a high patient load ability and large longitudinal float, the table can be tilted away from the physician and toward the nurse. As a result, the heart moves closer to the rib cage, which ultimately allows for a better picture when performing echocardiography. The table features an inflatable patient mattress, and cables that provide for maximum operation flexibility and position coordinates. It measures 319 cm in length and 50 cm in width.

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Image-Sensor Component in Avantis Third Eye System

A key component of Avantis Medical Systems? Third Eye Retroscope auxiliary endoscopy system is a new, disposable miniature video endoscope from OmniVision Technologies Inc. With a distal-tip diameter of just 3.5 mm, the OV690 sensor can fit through the instrument channels of colonoscopes. Together with a signal-processing circuitry and integrated lens element, the Third Eye Retroscope functions as a complete imaging system, right at the top of the catheter. The retroscope passes through an instrument channel until it extends beyond its tip. It is used during colonoscopy and can reveal abnormalities beyond those detected in a standard colonoscopy procedure. As it emerges, the device automatically makes a 180? turn and aims back toward the tip of the colonoscope. The Third Eye then supplies a continuous retrograde view, which can lead to the revelation of abnormalities that initially might have been missed.

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SmartProbe Ultrasound from AMD Telemedicine

Included in a new Deployable Telemedicine Kit from AMD Telemedicine is the AMD-5500 SmartProbe Ultrasound. With quality not shortchanged for size, the compact device boasts true 128-channel resolution, and its 3.5-MHz curved array transducer supports all OB/GYN and abdominal scanning applications. Easily accessed by a laptop PC, the chip?s software supports a variety of functions, including signal gain, TGC, brightness, contract, color palette, freeze frame, frame scrolling, cine loop capture, and DICOM 3.0 transmission. Specs include a 700 MHz processor speed, a 192MB RAM minimum, and a 10G Hard drive. The transportable telemedicine kit that carries the system on a chip also holds an AMD-2500s General Examination Camera, AMD-3550 SmartSteth Digital Electronic Stethoscope, AMD-2015 ENT/Ontoscope, AMD-3920 Digital Spirometer for PC, AMD-2020 Direct Opthalmoscope, AMD-3875 12 Lead Interpretive ECG for PC, and the AMD Image Management System.

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Diagnostic Grayscale Monitor from IEI Technology Corp

IEI Technology Corp has launched the MMD-5201M, a 5MP diagnostic grayscale monitor for mammography imaging. Part of the PACSmate series, the 12-bit grayscale technology sports a 600-to-1 contrast ratio and displays 4,096 grayscale tones simultaneously through commercial dual-link graphic cards. Specifically, the built-in 12-bit to 12-bit LUT for DICOM calibration ensures the quality of grayscale images. A Smart Thermal Control system automatically protects the display from overheating, and a smart alert system keeps users informed when abnormal operations of the monitor are detected. It is also integrated with GeniGUARD, a built-in backlight stabilizer that automatically calibrates the shift of LCD brightness caused by startup drift, ambient temperature, and backlight aging. All monitors come with auto detection, a calibration system, and narrow bezels designed for side-by-side viewing.

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