New from RADinfo Systems Inc, Dulles, Va, is a software program that allows physicians seeking consultative opinions regarding medical images to access and share critical and protected images through e-mail. DICOMmail allows a user to send images by simply dragging-and-dropping files, converting images to DICOM as needed, and clicking “send.” The recipient can view the images in RADinfo Systems’ free Basic RSVS Viewer, which can be downloaded online.

DICOMmail can be divided into two components: the free DICOMmail Viewer, which is based on RADinfo Systems’ RSVS

visualization technology, and DICOMmail Send, which allows the user to drag and drop an image into the software for delivery to any e-mail address. DICOMmail supports DICOM, jpeg, gif, and bitmap images.

DICOMmail Send is available in a free, 60-day trial until the end of the year. The download can be accessed on the RADinfo Systems Web site.

The Spec Sheet

  1. High-resolution 17″ LCD monitor
  2. Speckle reduction filter (Dynamic MR)
  3. Full spectrum imaging
  4. Dynamic MR
  5. High-sensitivity Doppler
  6. Built-in DVD RW/DICOM SR
  7. Six USB ports/USB 2.0

The Visible Difference

The SONOACE X8 is fully scalable, making it ideal for small-volume clinics and large health care institutions alike. The system’s intuitive interfaces make navigation simple throughout the scanning process. The sophisticated platform also allows for in-depth post-processing and measurements of stored images.

Developed by echo professionals at the Mayo Clinic, the Web-based Echocardiography Information Management System tracks the complete workflow process.