Tumor Localization System from Calypso Medical Technologies

Calypso Medical Technologies Inc, Seattle, has installed its first Calypso Tumor Localization System in Great Britain at The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. The Calypso System is a proprietary tumor localization technology that utilizes implanted Beacon? electromagnetic transponders to continuously, accurately, and objectively track the location of tumors for improved accuracy and management of radiation therapy delivery. The system consists of five main components, which include the Beacon electromagnetic transponder, a 4D console, a 4D electromagnetic array, a 4D tracking station, and an optical system. The technology is designed for body-wide cancers commonly treated with radiation therapy and is FDA 510(k) cleared for use in the prostate and postoperative prostatic bed.

www.calypsomedical.com (888) 488-7225

CARESCAPE Monitor B850 from GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, Madison, Wis, has introduced CARESCAPE Monitor B850, a patient monitoring system that can send data and interact with various hospital information systems. The monitor directly links hospital networks, electronic medical records, diagnostic images, lab results, and third-party devices with real-time patient monitoring data. It enables real-time clinical measurements to be integrated with other elements of the patient record, delivering them at the point of care. CARESCAPE can be customized to meet a variety of clinical needs. When a GE Navigator application is available, the CARESCAPE Monitor B850 can analyze drug therapy information to model and predict the effect of anesthesia-related drugs and drug interactions. This enables clinicians to visualize modeled anesthetic drug effect predictions against live patient data, which supports patient tailored anesthesia. The monitor can be integrated with other applications, as well.

www.gehealthcare.com (800) 558-5120

CR/Mini-PACS from Carestream Health

Carestream Health Inc, Rochester, NY, has launched its new Carestream Image Suite, an economical CR/mini-PACS solution designed for clinics and physician offices. Image Suite combines selected models of CR systems with fully featured PACS software that is able to run on a variety of PC-based workstations. It includes a choice of DIRECTVIEW Classic CR, Point-of-Care 140, or Point-of-Care 360 CR readers and will be primarily sold and serviced by Carestream Health?s channel partners. The mini-PACS will also support DICOM storage from other modalities, including ultrasound, MR, CT, and exams from other vendors? CR systems. Because only a standard PC is required, Image Suite helps to lower costs and deliver greater flexibility for users. The product also has comprehensive image review capabilities, including magnification, annotations, measurements, layout, and other tools. Image Suite is now available for order worldwide.

www.carestreamhealth.com (888) 777-2072

Version 3.3 of xDL from DeJarnette

DeJarnette Research Systems Inc, Towson, Md, has released version 3.3 of xDL (Cross-Enterprise Document Librarian). DeJarnette says the new version will provide a fivefold improvement in performance over the previous version, 3.2. The upgraded v3.3 is now capable of running on an inexpensive Microsoft Windows server platform and can store and register image data received from up to 20 image sources simultaneously in real time. The product also allows for an enterprise study volume of 1 million studies per year. Version 3.3 supports HP, MAS, IBM GMAS, and EMC Centera storage platforms. In addition, future upgrades, scheduled for May 2010, will include support for Caringo?s CAStore content addressable storage and support for CIFS and local attached storage.

www.dejarnette.com (410) 583-0680