Cardiovascular Imaging Package

Sectra, Linkoping, Sweden, has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for its new cardiology analysis package, which offers quantitative analysis of coronary arteriograms (QCA) and left ventricular angiographic (LVA) images. The QCA feature provides automatic and robust contour detection, calculation of obstruction and reference diameter, percentage stenosis, and obstruction length. The LVA feature is a tracing method of end-diastolic and end-systolic contours, and the calculation of ED and ES volumes, stroke volume, and ejection fraction. +46 13 23 52 00; .

Mammography Display System

Barco, Kortrijk, Belgium, introduces the Coronis® 5MP Mammo, a medical LCD system for digital mammography. The Coronis 5MP Mammo features a 21.3-inch LCD display, Barco’s I-Guard® technology, the BarcoMed® 5MP2FH controller, and the DuraLight®. The I-Guard technology manages the luminance output of the diagnostic viewing area, ensuring continuous DICOM accuracy. The high-speed BarcoMed 5MP2FH controller has 512 MB of memory that loads current and prior examinations in less than 1 second. The system’s DuraLight backlight technology is offered in ClearBase and BlueBase color temperatures, and comes with a 5-year warranty. (678) 475-8000; .

Flexible DR System

Eastman Kodak Co, Rochester, NY, offers the new trans-bay option for its Kodak DirectView. DR 9000 digital radiography (DR) system. The standard features of the DirectView DR 9000 system include a U-arm design with the flexibility for chest, extremity, skull, abdominal, and trauma examinations. The trans-bay option involves installing overhead rails up to 30 feet long so that the DR system can move to as many as three different patient locations in rapid succession, minimizing the movement of critically injured patients. Installation can be customized to meet the needs of individual hospitals and centers. (800) 328-2910; .

Wide-Gamut CRT Monitor

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America Inc, Chicago, introduces the Mitsubishi Diamondtron UWG RDF225WG, a high-end wide gamut, 22-inch (20-inch viewable image size) CRT monitor. The monitor offers: a maximum resolution of 2048 (height) by 1536 (vertical); a color gamut of 97.6% of Adobe RGB; AG pitch of 0.24 mm; maximum luminance of 100 cd/m 2 at 9300K, 80 cd/m 2 at 6500K, 70 cd/m 2 at 5000K; analog input and output video steps; and NaViSet support. (888) 632-6487; .

Ultrasound Imaging System

Siemens Medical Systems, Malvern, Pa, has developed the Sonoline G20™ ultrasound imaging system. The Sonoline G20 offers MultiHertz™ multiple frequency imaging; TGO™ tissue gray-scale optimization technology for one-button, automatic optimization of imaging parameters; DIMAQ-IP integrated workstation with built-in CD-R/W drive for cost-effective output and archiving of examination data; and the ability to upgrade software. The lightweight and portable G20 system features a Windows®-based operating system and an intuitively designed user interface. It can be integrated into DICOM-enabled networks and PC-based workstations. (800) 826-9702; .

Color LCD Monitors

Double Black Imaging, Westminster, Colo, has added color 1.3 MP and 2 MP LCD monitors to its Wide M series product line. The monitors accept analog, digital, S-Video or VCR inputs and feature an electronic front sensor that emerges from the bezel then retracts when calibration is complete, eliminating permanent protrusion into the active area of the LCD. Remote administrative software allows users to adjust and perform DICOM 3.14 calibration on each LCD from a remote location. All Wide LCDs have integrated backlight sensors that ensure backlight consistency, and minimize fluctuations in brightness caused by internal and environmental temperatures. (887) 852-2870; .