Sencore, Sioux Falls, SD, introduces the CP5000 ColorPro All Display color analyzer: the product enables the user to align all video displays to match industry specifications, including the ability to align color tracking and luminance on all video displays with continuously updated readings. A patented light-pipe system provides a narrow light acceptance angle for accurate measurement of LCD displays. An optional software developer’s kit is also available, and it allows the user to integrate the ColorPro into a specific color analyzer custom application. (800) 736-2673;


Richardson Electronics, Ltd, LaFox, Ill, introduces a new line of products that include high-resolution monochrome CRT and AMLCD flat-panel displays, medical display controllers, quality assurance software, workstations, film digitizers, and mounting hardware. (888) 735-7373;


Images-on-Call?, Dallas, introduces the IOC-PACSTM? DICOM WorkStation Software, designed to create a soft-copy image viewing and management experience for radiologists that reflects the way they traditionally use a lightbox. Features include: the ability to compare images from multiple series, or old and new studies; the ability to manipulate a single image, or lock the controls to adjust an entire series of images; and the ability to turn demographic overlays for DICOM-captured images on or off, or change their appearance on the screen. (214) 902-8337;


Quest International, Inc, Irvine, Calif, offers the Totoku MD Series 2300F. The MD2300F is a 2MP, 20.1% greyscale medical LCD utilizing the DOME MD2 or Barco (Metheus) video card. The video card flexibility allows OEMs and end-user hospitals to utilize their current investment in video card technology. A native resolution of 1600 x 1200 and high contrast ratio of 1000:1 is ideal for imaging display environments such as PACS, teleradiology, CT, X-Ray, and MRI. (800) 231-6777;


Array Corp, Brentwood, NH, introduces the DICOM Scan PRO print option for the Array 2905 laser film digitizer. This upgrade allows users to create duplicates of original x-ray films in a less expensive and faster manner. Images can be printed as well as digitized and stored with a single, seconds-long scan. This eliminates the need for darkroom x-ray duplication procedures, as well as the need for stand-alone film duplicators. The Scan PRO option also allows the Array 2095 to function as an automatic duplicator, requiring no user interaction with the software: users place film into the 2905, which scans and transmits the x-ray automatically to the network imager. (603) 775-7500;


Source Medical Solutions Inc, Birmingham, Ala, introduces ReadyView, a web-based product that distributes diagnostic images and reports to referring physicians with or without PACS systems in place. The product enables physicians to review patient information at any time, from any location, incorporating diagnosis-specific, printable patient education materials, articles, and pharmaceutical information. It also provides physicians with other real-time clinical data that can be accessed during the critical stages of diagnosis and treatment decision-making. (800) 719-1904;