Virtual Radiologic (vRad) has introduced a new management tool for clients who partner with the telemedicine company on final interpretations. The Global Practice Information (GPI) report provides a customized summary of a practice with monthly analytics alongside generalized benchmarks.

“You manage what you measure,” said Jim Burke, vRad’s CEO. “The GPI Report provides an exclusive and objective review of a client’s overall practice, including 100% of all onsite and cloud-based radiology activities delivered right to their email inbox every month. Our clients now have access to the types of ‘big data’ analytics we use to identify trends and opportunities with which we manage our practice of over 500 radiologists reading for more than 2,000 facilities every day.”

The GPI report integrates vRad’s clinical benchmarking platform with its vCoder data normalization solution and natural language processing (NLP) software to convert qualitative text, such as clinical findings, into quantitative metrics. Each report includes:

  • Individual radiologist productivity (reading volume and relative value units (RVUs) by modality)
  • Volumes by location, day of week, time of day, modality and subspecialty
  • Patient class mix by shift
  • Results outcomes: percent positive findings by referring physician and by radiologist
  • Individual referring physician volumes by modality
  • Top teleradiology procedures, critical findings and turnaround time

A sample report is available here.

“Tracking down the right data and extracting relevant information is a time-consuming challenge for many groups,” said Benjamin W. Strong, MD, vRad’s chief medical officer. “The new GPI Report delivers unique information, like findings-based metrics on radiologists and referring physicians. That means best practices and anomalies can be identified to improve quality and cost. Productivity analytics, like CMS RVU-based metrics, will also be more readily available for effective workload balance and to ensure a practice is rewarding its physicians for value versus volume. The vRad GPI Report means that our clients will have more practice insight and more patient time.”

For more information, visit vRad.