Claron Technology has partnered with Livecare, a Canadian telehealth provider, to facilitate remote medical consults in rural areas of British Columbia via use of the Claron Nil diagnostic viewer.

“Livecare is the type of innovative distributed solution that we envisioned our Nil viewer would empower,” said Claudio Gatti, co-CEO and co-founder of Claron Technology. “We are very pleased to partner with Livecare for a uniquely Canadian solution.”

The NilRead zero-footprint viewer allows offsite radiologists to access digital imaging exams to provide real-time consultation and interpretation. The system supports display of DICOM images on a multi-monitor diagnostic workstation and non-DICOM images on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone device. Image manipulation is available via a range of toolsets, and no personal data remains on viewing hardware once a session is complete.

“We selected Nil because the technology is robust, easy-to-use, reliable and affordable,” said Mark Godley, CEO of Livecare. “NilRead is cleared by HealthCanada for diagnostic use and is very efficient in a primary reading setting. Both Claron and Livecare share a commitment to leveraging the benefits of advancing technologies to support remote care.  Claron’s NilRead provides an excellent complement to our portfolio of enabling technologies.”

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