Historically, in the United States innovation has had many springs feeding into a vast pool. Hearkening back to the pioneering days of lone geniuses like Edison and Bell, a Minnesota teleradiology practice has been granted a patent for technology that makes the delivery of its imaging services more efficient.

The U.S. patent was granted to Virtual Radiologic Corporation for its Multiple Resource Planning System, a rules-based technology the group uses to receive orders and assign them based on a set of business and clinical rules, including licensing, credentialing, workload and subspecialty.

The system also includes order forecasting and radiologist scheduling applications, which collectively analyze history and patterns of previous study volume from the aggregation of multiple hospitals to prepare a radiology order forecast and accompany future radiologist work schedule.

And, according to Rick Jennings, the group’s chief technology officer, this is the first of many patents that could emerge from Virtual Radiologic Corporation, and be of benefit for the group, its clients, and patients alike. “Our technology helps boost productivity and deliver quality patient care,” Jennings said in a company press release. “It all boils down to routing the study quickly to the right radiologist at the right time to expedite time to diagnosis and reduce cost of care.”


(Source: Press Release)