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Contract signing in Eden Prairie

Virtual Radiologic (vRad) has announced a partnership with E-Techco Information Technologies Co to allow vRad to serve as E-Techco’s agent for remote radiology interpretations in China, Hong Kong, and Macau starting in May 2014. The agreement, whose financial terms were not disclosed, marks vRad’s first major foray into the Chinese market.

E-Techco maintains the AnyCheck patient management platform, which allows patients to self-test for hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions and transmit the results via wireless technology. Patients can arrange healthcare consultations through the platform as well. As of May 2014, users will also be able to upload CT, MRI, and CTA scans for second opinions from United States physicians. AnyCheck currently serves 3 million subscribers; E-Techco has estimated China’s radiology services market comprises 302 million people.

“vRad is a pioneer and proven leader in the practice of remote radiology,” said John Zhang, CEO of E-Techco. “Having access to highly qualified US-trained radiologists 24/7 will provide much needed services to an aging population concerned about their health and welfare. Given vRad’s scale and commitment to technical innovation and clinical excellence, we chose them to help us expand the capabilities of AnyCheck’s personalized health management services to benefit our patients in China.”

For more information, visit vRad.