Medical imaging software provider MIM Software Inc. announces that it has received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for molecular radiotherapy (MRT) dosimetry. MRT is a form of therapy that uses radiopharmaceuticals such as Lutathera and Azedra to target tumors based on certain receptors that these tumors express.

MIM Software officials say that, until now, there has not been an effective way to measure the absorbed dose from MRT for an individual patient. This is due to a lack of access to quantitative SPECT images and tools for calculating dose on the patient’s own anatomy. MIM SurePlan MRT provides both quantitative SPECT reconstruction and voxel-based absorbed dose calculation by utilizing the patient’s own images, allowing for personalized dosimetry measurements.

“We are excited to bring this new technology to nuclear medicine departments across the United States,” says Andrew Nelson, CEO of MIM Software. “This will enable clinicians to discover and perform more precise treatments while reducing radiation to critical organs. As a result, we believe this will have a significant impact on patient management for these new therapies.”

MIM SurePlan MRT provides tools for organ and tumor segmentation, deformable registration, and voxel-based dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy. Other features of MIM SurePlan MRT include multi-tracer theranostics support, quantitative SPECT and planar corrections, and dosimetry reporting tools.