Blackford, the strategic imaging AI platform and solutions provider, and Equium Intelligence announce their strategic partnership to make resourcEQ Forecast and resourcEQ Optimize available on the Blackford Platform to help with radiology department workflow, scheduling, and staffing decisions.

“Balancing excellent patient care with radiology department efficiency is increasingly challenging, with staff burnout a continuing issue,” said Blackford Founder and CEO Ben Panter. “We’re excited to add Equium’s operational AI to the Blackford Platform and help administrators extract actionable insights to effectively address utilization, scheduling, and workforce planning within their departments.”

Equium’s resourcEQ products help administrators create high-performing departments by adapting resources to short-and long-term forecasts. This enables administrators and schedulers to stay ahead of shifting demand while maximizing staff work-life balance.

resourcEQ Forecast benefits include:

  • Demand forecasting to enable intelligent workflow and scheduling decisions
  • Workforce planning and what-if scenarios to intelligently forecast longer-term decisions
  • Intelligent scheduling to help optimize productivity and maximize work-life balance

resourcEQ Optimize benefits include:

  • Maximizing resource utilization by predicting exam scan durations and identifying scheduling gaps
  • Reducing patient wait times and delays in patient care while decreasing scheduling backlogs
  • Reducing staff overtime through real-time schedule forecasting of scan durations, add-ons, etc.

“We can only improve patient care long-term if physicians and staff are able to work effectively while maintaining a work-life balance that avoids burnout,” said John Adziovsky, VP of Business Development at Equium. “Adding Equium’s resourcEQ products alongside the clinical AI applications on the Blackford Platform can help radiology departments address these critical operational issues more effectively.”

[Source(s): Blackford, Business Wire]

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