Below, Ron Vianu, co-founder and CEO of Covera Health, discusses a recent study in the Journal of Imaging Informatics, showing their commitment to improving radiology quality measurement. Specifically, Covera works closely with the radiology community to refine diagnostic value assessment measures. Vianu also highlights recent milestones, like a $50M Series C extension and the CoRead acquisition, as progress in addressing radiology challenges.

AXIS Imaging News: What inspired the research behind the study you co-authored for the Journal of Imaging Informatics, and what are its key findings?

Ron Vianu: For several years, Covera has been making strides toward solving one of the most challenging problems in healthcare: how to assess the quality of care provided by physicians. One of the most difficult things in medicine has been the ability to deliver objective quality measurements that all stakeholders can use: physicians to understand their performance to engage in quality improvement and peer learning activities, payers to incentivize high-quality care, and patients who often struggle with understanding which doctor is right for them. This has been particularly challenging in radiology. 

The field is often incorrectly viewed as a commoditized service, a view that suggests wherever you go the results will be the same, which could not be further from the truth. This paper is a direct reflection of the work we have done to advance the measurement of quality, which is a necessary first step in understanding its impact on care, outcomes, and costs.

AXIS: Can you explain how Covera Health is improving radiology quality measures, and how this study fits into that effort?

Vianu: Much of what Covera does is around building tools to better measure quality, delivering insights to providers around the quality of care they deliver to their patients, and enable payers to design and manage quality radiology programs for their populations. This paper and the methodology described is a significant step forward in advancing our ability to provide a quality framework that delivers to the field a true measure of performance that not only advances peer learning and improves patient outcomes, but finally will reverse the commoditization of radiology.

AXIS: With the recent announcement of Covera’s Series C extension and the acquisition of CoRead, how do you envision these developments shaping the future of radiology AI and diagnostics?

Vianu: Radiology is certainly at an inflection point, and much of this is related to advances in AI but also greater pressures on the field from staffing shortages and economic pressures. For Covera, the additional funding recently announced alongside the acquisition of CoRead enable us to accelerate our ability to bring to market a comprehensive air-traffic control for radiology quality. This empowers radiologists with incredibly useful insights around the quality of care being delivered in their practices and brings the field closer to one that is viewed through the lens of value versus a commoditized tool.

AXIS: What challenges have you faced in collaborating with the radiology community to implement quality measures, and how has Covera tackled them?

Vianu: The radiology community has been incredibly supportive of our efforts as they recognize our partnership and investment to address these issues, which in turn will help them serve their patients better, elevate how the field is viewed by payers and patients, and ultimately transition radiology to a value-based model where quality is rewarded. It’s this trust and support that has been the foundation of our ability to drive this work forward.

AXIS: What projects is Covera working on to improve radiology quality measurement?

Vianu: While we can’t go into too much detail now, there are two significant initiatives that we are moving forward that we believe will dramatically enhance the availability and ubiquity of Covera’s quality measurement framework while simultaneously demonstrating how radiology can profoundly address health equity issues at scale.

AXIS: What are Covera Health’s long-term goals for impacting the radiology community?

Vianu: Covera Health is deeply committed to and will be at the forefront of redefining the radiology landscape by shifting the narrative from commoditization to one where each study is recognized for its unique contribution to patient care. Our long-term goals center around establishing a new benchmark for radiology quality, where accuracy leads to a marked improvement in outcomes and health equity. This commitment not only strengthens the role of radiologists in the healthcare system but also ensures that patients receive the right diagnosis, thereby optimizing treatment pathways and reducing overall healthcare costs.