The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Research and Education (R&E) Foundation Board of Trustees approved more than $5 million in radiology research and education grants this year, achieving a funding rate of 30% of grant applications. In 2019, the foundation will support more than 100 recipients from 48 different institutions.

The RSNA R&E Foundation leads the specialty in funding radiologic research and educational initiatives. Since 1984, the Foundation has awarded over $60 million in funding for more than 1,500 projects pursued by over 1,400 investigators.

“Through the generosity of our donors, the RSNA R&E Foundation is again able to invest in and help define the future of radiology and radiation oncology,” says Thomas M. Grist, MD, chair of the R&E Foundation Board of Trustees. “We know from experience that R&E funding is an important catalyst for radiology research. Historically we have measured a 50:1 return of our investment when we quantify the additional research support to RSNA investigators from the federal government and other funding agencies. This is an incredible return on our investment.”

The foundation represents a source of early support for young investigators and educators. These awards provide opportunities for individuals to become engaged in research and excited about the prospect of pursuing a career in academic radiology. RSNA R&E Foundation grant recipients are poised to lead research efforts in the future that will extend beyond radiology into every area of patient care, RSNA officials say.

“By supporting these outstanding projects proposed by innovative researchers and educators, collectively our RSNA community helps to ensure a better future for patients and those who serve them,” Grist says. “The Board of Trustees expresses its deep appreciation for the individuals, practice groups, and corporate partners who make this support possible.”