Zotec Partners, an Indiana-based practice management specialist, has announced an exclusive contract with Radiology Associates, PA (RAPA) in Little Rock, Ark.

The radiology group consists of 32 physicians who provide services to more than 30 imaging centers, clinics, and hospitals throughout the state. Their services include computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, diagnostic ultrasound, endovenous laser therapy for varicose veins, x-ray and fluoroscopy, angiography, bone densitrometry, mammography, general nuclear imaging, positron emission tomography and interventional radiology. According to Zotec, RAPA selected their company in order to become more efficient in revenue cycle management.

“Like many radiology groups today, RAPA faces a number of business challenges, including market complexity, reimbursement pressures, and the impending ICD-10 changeover,” said Alicia Kunert, RAPA’s chief administrative officer. “Our goal is to deliver the very best medical services to customers and patients, so it was our strategy to select the company that could best optimize our business operations. We chose Zotec because its people are experts in radiology billing, and in combination with its sophisticated billing technology and in-depth reporting, we have confidence to navigate these challenges and proactively manage our practice.”

For more information, visit Zotec and RAPA.