Scanslated Inc, a radiologist-led healthcare technology company, announces that it has partnered with Duke Health to deliver its patient-centered, interactive radiology reporting service to patients at Duke’s three hospitals and 14 outpatient imaging locations servicing nearly two million patients per year. This represents the first-ever enterprise-wide deployment of patient-centered reporting by a major health system.

Scanslated’s software automatically transforms complex radiology reports into a patient-friendly, interactive format, with plain-language explanations and diagrams intended to help patients understand the report as they read it. By empowering patients with a better understanding of their medical results, Scanslated helps hospitals and outpatient imaging centers increase patient engagement while enhancing relationships between patients and their providers.

“Patients and their families can feel overwhelmed and disempowered by the complexity of medical care today,” said Dr. Christopher J. Roth, vice chair in the Department of Radiology at Duke University School of Medicine. “Educating patients about their conditions and the imaging they receive is an important step toward Duke Health’s mission of Advancing Health Together.”

Patient engagement is about more than access to results, it’s about giving patients the tools and confidence to fully participate in their care alongside providers,” said Scanslated’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Nicholas T. Befera. “We are proud to partner with Duke Health to educate and empower patients with easy-to-understand radiology reports.”

Duke Health launched the Scanslated Inc software enterprise-wide in early July through an integration with the Duke MyChart patient portal. Patient-friendly reports are now available to all Duke Health patients, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. In a survey of 1,774 patients using the service, 97% reported that the definitions and diagrams helped them understand their results.

Additional research is planned to quantify the impact of patient-centered reports on patient satisfaction, follow-up adherence, and imaging-related calls and messages to providers.

[Source(s): Scansalated Inc, PR Newswire]