By Aine Cryts

Greenville, S.C.-based eRad is “up and running as normal,” says Brooke Incontrera, an eRad spokesperson. “We want our customers to know that they can rely on our services without disruption as they adjust to scheduling, staffing, and workflow changes during this challenge.”

eRad provides an EHR-certified RIS, web-based PACS, and multi-site workflow solutions to teleradiology business, hospitals, outpatient imaging centers, in addition to other healthcare settings. As usual, the company relies on email and social media to communicate with customers.

AXIS Imaging News recently discussed with Incontrera the company’s approach to communicating with customers about eRad’s business-continuity plans and tangible ways it can help support customers during the coronavirus pandemic. What follows is a lightly edited version of that conversation.

AXIS Imaging News: What are you communicating to customers about eRad’s business-continuity plans? How are you helping your hospital customers during the coronavirus pandemic?

Brooke Incontrera: eRAD instituted a work-from-home policy over the weekend of March 14. We had also eliminated travel for all team members. These changes were made to “flatten the curve” and keep our team and our communities safe. However, these smart adjustments didn’t significantly alter the way we do business. Our software runs remotely, and so do we. We’re easily able to provide full, uninterrupted support to our hospital and imaging center customers, since our team is not desk-bound. We review our business plan on a regular basis, but agility is built into our operations.

AXIS: How are you communicating with customers and among eRad’s team members?

Incontrera: All of eRAD’s support channels are open as normal and have been since the pandemic began. Our phone support, email, and web portals are all taking cases without any change in the level of responsiveness we deliver to our customers. Internally, we communicate daily and have standard weekly calls set up to address any important issues. If anything, this crisis has us over-communicating, to ensure that unusual cases are resolved quickly. Our communication is stronger than ever.

AXIS: Why are you doing this? Arguably, it takes your teams away from other vital work.

Incontrera: Responding to this crisis hasn’t been a scramble for eRAD, so no one’s being taken away from their primary work. In fact, every team member’s focus is on helping our customers, no matter their role. Teams that were in the office are now working remotely, but that presents no disruption as our systems were already mobile.

Our policies regarding travel and remote work were implemented because we always have an eye on what is most beneficial for our team members, customers, and communities. Responding to change is easy for eRAD.