By Aine Cryts

Connecting with and reassuring customers that Novarad is there to support them. That’s why Paul Jensen, president of American Fork, Utah-based Novarad, which provides healthcare IT and imaging solutions, is communicating proactively about the company’s business-continuity plans and ways it can help support customers’ needs during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company is doing this customer outreach, despite having faced a 5.7 magnitude earthquake on March 18.

“Right now, hospitals are being inundated with patients in their most vulnerable state, and we’re in awe of the dedicated providers working tirelessly on the front lines, sacrificing their own wellbeing to do so,” Jensen tells AXIS Imaging News. “We’re proud that Novarad’s technology can help in identifying and treating patients with COVID-19 but want to express that it’s more than just software. Every single Novarad employee is invested in our users’ success, especially now.”

AXIS Imaging News recently discussed with Jensen his organization’s approach to communicating with its customers about the company’s business-continuity plans and ways Novarad can support them during the coronavirus pandemic.

AXIS Imaging News: How are you communicating with customers? Are you using email, phone calls, and video calls?

Paul Jensen: We’re engaging with our customers remotely wherever possible, through phone calls, video calls, and email, based on their needs.

AXIS: How often are you communicating with your customers about coronavirus-related matters? When did you start?

Jensen: Currently, we’re evaluating communications on a daily basis as we respond to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. We’re also dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake in our home state. We plan to touch base with customers and employees as often as needed and as needs evolve.

AXIS: Why are you doing this? Utah was recently hit by a 5.7 magnitude earthquake. This work also takes your teams away from other vital work.

Jensen: We’re all affected by the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. As a company, Novarad wants to do all we can to reduce the uncertainty as we navigate these unprecedented times. We’re especially appreciative of the healthcare workers who are bravely risking their own safety to provide care for others. Novarad’s mission of universally reducing patient vulnerability has become increasingly more important in the wake of the coronavirus. Thus, this work is at the heart of what we do as employees at Novarad. These efforts are fully aligned with who we are.